Shalom and welcome to my new video blog!

I’m very excited to have this opportunity to share some short videos with helpful tips and thoughts to hopefully make your journey through life a bit brighter. As an author, a speaker, life coach and movie producer, my days are brightened when I can add joy, life, love, peace and golden nuggets of wisdom to your world. Be sure to check back often for new videos that I’ll be adding! —Goldie

Jane Goldie Winn author. speaker. life coach, producer of Rainbow in the Night movie

Sue and Eric share their reviews of “Rainbow in the Night” movie!

Goldie shares a personal experience on how she learned to forgive and how “Forgiveness is a choice!”

Cindy Rosenthal shares how the movie “Rainbow in the Night” personally impacted her.

Goldie interviews Ellen Kestecher about Rainbow in the Night movie.

Goldie’s shares some golden nuggets in her video, “What are you grateful for today?”