Awe Inspiring

Rainbow in the Night delivered a rainbow to my faith. Goldie’s unshakable belief, being guided by the Lord’s hand, was awe inspiring. Her story got me back on the  road of my faith journey. Thank you for this blessing.
—Retired Mayor of Youngstown, Ohio; George M. McKelvey

So Much Encouragement

Rainbow in the Night
is a beautiful testimony of how our Messiah works in our lives. As I read the pages of this book, it gave me encouragement and pause to think about my own life.  I laughed and cried along the way as I read so many of Goldie’s life experiences.   Goldie writes not only of her own life circumstances, trials, and joys but also provides thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter.  She encourages you to dig deep and search out your own heart with the Lord.  Goldie writes, “Spiritual growth is a process, not a one-time event.” This book  eloquently delineates this and beautifully shows God’s providential and merciful hand in our lives.   The richest takeaway was to read the testimony of “Nikadot.” In Hebrew, that word means “period.”  If one believes Yeshua is the Messiah, your sins will be forgiven and remembered no more—NIKADOT.  The Lord also promises to walk through life with you and has a place prepared in eternity for you when you take your last breath!  I sincerely and deeply encourage you to read this book and share it with others!
Marla D., Boca Raton FL

Restored My Faith

Goldie’s book “Rainbow in the Night” was riveting. Of course, when one reads such a life story he/she internalizes the path that relives and awakens the personal pain/regrets of one’s own life.  With my moms passing in 2022, I still struggle with raw feelings that were/are unresolved.  I know it’s all covered and stripped away by embracing intimacy with the ONE Who Sees!!! For some reason, I just don’t want to fully let go of the pain/memories…but I rejoice in the truth of my answer/resolution/ restoration/healing, which is nowhere/in no one but in HIM alone. Thank you for awakening my senses to seek this out and receiving for once and for all!! I highly recommend this captivating read!
Sue T., Delray Beach FL

What an Inspirational Journey We Can All Learn From

Our Father’s plan is always perfect, and His unconditional love described throughout this book makes you long to have the same. It took a lot of courage to have shared the lows that Goldie went through, but she came out of them all the stronger. I highly recommend this book for everyone!
—T. Vokaty

A Remarkable Book

I so loved your book.  You have shared parts of your story over our many years of our friendship, but I never knew the specifics of your early life, meeting Dave, your education (quite impressive) and all your adventures since then. You are truly a wonderful couple, and this is a remarkable book.  I can recommend it to anyone who wants a totally honest look into a life well-lived (continuing and ongoing) and filled with love and hope.
—Karen K.

Inspiring & Transparent

I appreciate that she was extremely transparent, it was a great reminder that our past doesn’t disqualify us. I came to realize through this book some things within myself that I never took into consideration. Reading of God’s continued faithfulness and provision in her life was inspiring.

Feeling Closer to God

Reading your story of redemption left me feeling closer to God. Out of the books that were recommended by our book scouts in the U.S., I got your book. Maybe it’s a sign or what. I don’t know. Thank you for writing the book!
—L. from Canada