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Cathy and I just had the joyous privilege of watching your film. Thank you for your powerful and loving testimony. Jane was the spokesperson, but the story is of God adopting into His holy family, Joseph, Mary and Jesus, and blessing three very beautiful people, Dave, Jane and Samuel with His eternal love. Thank you for your witness to God’s love and mercy. God bless.


Hi Matt, Tim, and Goldie,

Rainbow in the Night was incredible!  I was so excited to see it come to the big screen, and it far exceeded my expectations :).  The Lord’s hand was upon you all as you produced this movie for sure, and Yeshua was indeed glorified throughout!

Goldie has a complex story, and you handled it so well, keeping the pace without getting bogged down with details.  Goldie was so very vulnerable and spoke from her heart, her emotions at times spilling over; she was so genuine it felt as if I was sitting in her living room with her and she was sharing her story for the very first time.

Goldie, you truly spoke about your father with honor.  Difficult things needed to be said to fully understand your testimony, but through it all, I could feel your true forgiveness of him and surrender of the hold he had on you.  You spoke of him respectfully, giving plenty of screen time to the good he did for so many.  Your ability to forgive so fully sets the bar for us all.

Although this was your story, Goldie, it was also Dave and your story together, for although he was behind the scenes much of the time, he was with you every step of the way.  The way you two have walked this journey together is very inspiring for me for my own marriage.

I felt the way the movie was laid out, with the B-roll interlaced between Goldie’s monologue, was engaging and so smoothly done.  The B-roll really complemented her story and added to it.  Beautifully done.

Loved the altar call at the end!  Brilliant, and I pray many will take that step of commitment to Christ.

I believe this movie is not the finish line, but the starting line, and that God will enlarge it and expand it to reach greater and greater audiences.

May the Lord richly bless each of you and your families, and shower you with His peace and grace.

Dr. Celeste Li 

Oh, Goldie, I don’t know if I can really convey how grateful I am for you in general but now having fully heard your story thru your movie I am really honored you were and are in my life. It is so wonderful the mission you have and each baby you are able to help live I know is truly your child. What an amazing, fulfilling end result to all your suffering. 

Also I need to say how proud I am of you as a sister in the Lord that you took your pain and you are able to completely honor your parents w/o blame, w/o condemnation in all of your story. That my dear friend, to me, is a huge miracle of how God’s love is meant to be. Not to mention the 5th commandment. Oh and how you did not judge but simply told the facts. I am inspired.  I love you.

Linda C.

Thanks, Celeste, for having the vision and love for Goldie and her story to bring it to us. God truly has anointed this project. Matt did a brilliant job on telling this story. And the Holy Spirit is all over Goldie. Thanks for being obedient, Celeste.

Tim Popadic
Executive Director | Rainbow in the Night Movie

It’s so amazing to hear about what God’s doing already thru this film and your story Goldie. I can’t believe it happened! Feels like just yesterday we were discussing ideas, and now it’s been viewed. Congratulations to everyone. And thank you for your faith in me. It was an honor to be a part of telling this story. And I, for one, can’t wait to hear about the stories of what God is going to do through this story in the days and weeks to come.

Matt Ball | Executive Producer
Collideascope Studios Limited
513.617.7980 | Matt@CScopeStudios.com


Dear Goldalah,

Your movie is so amazing and totally captivating from the beginning to the end! You and all the crew did a magnificent job! I’m sure it will be life-transforming for MANY people worldwide. To God be all the glory for the miraculous things He has done! My heart breaks for all the pain you, Dave, and Esther had to endure, but it’s so beautiful to see all the redemption that God brought by His lovingkindness and mercy that endures forever. Hallelujah!!! Glory to Yeshua! Lots of love, hugs & prayers,

Cynthia T.