Goldie had the opportunity to have a movie screening for Rainbow in the Night in Stow, Ohio, at Akron Shalom Ministries on Saturday, April 27, 2024. It was a lovely and intimate venue, and people were very touched by the movie and Goldie’s life story. The event opened with the blowing of the shofar and Goldie and Cindy sang a worship song. After the movie, there was a Q&A and book signing followed by a lovely fellowship lunch and prayer time together. Many new friendships were made, and it was a blessed event!

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Letter of Recommendation From Akron Shalom Ministries

The Rainbow in the Night movie provides an excellent firsthand account of how life’s circumstances can effect the choices we make. Rejected and emotionally abused by her father, Goldie finds acceptance in the hippie community—at least for a season.

Eventually the hallucinatory drugs, free sex, an unwanted pregnancy, and a subsequent abortion leave her feeling empty and without hope. However, an unexpected encounter with the living God changed everything.

This movie details Goldie’s journey, struggle, and search to find her purpose and identity. And that she did.

No matter what circumstances you may find yourself in, this movie will give you hope that there is a God Who sees all, knows all, and can use everything for your good and for His honor and glory if you will put your trust in His loving arms. A must-see movie.

Eileen Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
Vice Pres., Akron Shalom Ministries

Tehellim (Psalms) 122:6 – Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; they shall prosper that love thee.